Dynamic Websites

All websites Ideograph construct are mobile responsive.
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Database (Dynamic) websites.

Database websites (dynamic websites) are the ideal choice for a websites that contain a large amount of information pages like a catalogue, that are frequently updated. Database websites are also ideal if you require a specialise application website, like a client portal or some form of booking or ordering system.

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Database websites connect to a database to display the information on pages. The pages can react differently for different user’s - i.e. If a user was registered in your database they could see pricing on a page, whereas anybody else would not see pricing, though they are viewing the same page.

On-line Catalogues that contain a lot of content are ideally constructed as dynamic websites as the information can be easily updated, changed or deleted, especially when the dynamic website is coupled to a Content Management System (CMS). Find out more about CMS

How database (dynamic) pages work are; the web server receives a request for a selected page, the selected page is automatically retrieved from storage by the software on the server in response to the page request, processed and served up to your computer/device in a HTML format. A page may display the current state of a dialogue between users (like a forum), monitor a changing situation (prices linked to overseas currencies), provide information in some way personalised to the requirements of the individual user or write information back to the database - i.e. user's name and address details.

Ideograph’s database websites can be built to be scalable so that in the future if you want to migrate from a catalogue website to a full e-commerce website that can be done economically.

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