Web Applications (Web Apps)

If you required a web application to either dove-tail into a website or run as a stand alone portal, then give us a call.

Web apps are basically a computer program that runs on a web server and presents the results in a web browser, examples may be:

  • Portal for your clients find information or perform functions like; placing orders or quotes, view stock or view the progress of a project.
  • Portal for your employees to use for work,
  • Programs to organise your work flow
  • A sales aid for your sales representatives to access secure information or pricing.
  • Program to automate a process where the results can be presented on a webpage.

Web apps in western suburbs Melbourne

Examples of Web Apps Ideograph has produced

Hotel Booking System

Hotel Allotment booking system for Bali Tours & Vietnam Tours

Ideograph was requested to build a hotel booking system. Though there are off the shelf systems, and industry based specialised software for hotel bookings, none of these could be customised for their unique requirements.

The application runs behind their website. Employees can login to the Admin section and book hotels for their clients.

First built in 1989, the system has been running none stop since then, though updated periodically as technically required and as new functions have come available.

Basically the application works like this:

  • Employees login in the secure area, select a hotel, room type, dates and client information, then prompted to select allotment dates available for that hotel and type of room.
  • Email is sent to hotel with the allotment request.
  • Hotel responds - with confirmation details, or declines booking and reasons why.
  • System updates allotment booking according to hotels response.
  • Employee can make changes to allotment booking if required.
  • If changes made, email is sent to hotel with changes request, hotel confirms changes are accepted or declined.
  • With each booking, all information about the allotment booking is recorded, ie. Employee making the booking, any changes, and names of hotel's employees who respond to the allotment bookings.
Boat mooring managing system

Client overview

Holdfast Marine are contracted to manage approx. 1500 boat moorings in the northern part of Port Philip Bay.

The boat moorings are leased from Parks Victoria (a government department) to lease holders (usually the boat owner).

Each year, the moorings need to be inspected, every 3 years the moorings have to be completely pulled up and inspected, and replacements where necessary.

Inspections and replacements are at the lease holders expense. Leaseholders pay their yearly subscriptions to Parks Victoria. Maintenance work cannot be done to mooring until their Lease has been paid to Parks Victoria.

Ideograph was requested to build a management system to schedule and record inspections, work done and payments for each mooring.

The application records:

  • Lease holders contact details
  • Date of last inspection
  • Work done to mooring at time of inspection.
  • Notes can be added for future work required
  • Automatically emails invoice to Lease Holder for inspection and any extra work required.
  • Automatically advises Lease holder of when their payment to Parks Victoria is due.
  • Send email to Parks Victoria for request that payment for a particular mooring has been made.
  • Request from Parks Victoria advising that payment has been made for a particular mooring.
  • Records lease payment date
  • Payment system - leaseholders can pay online for inspections and replacements on line, via PayPal or EFT.
  • The application notifies Holdfast in advance of moorings that need inspection within the next few weeks.
  • Application advises Holdfast of scheduled work to be done to moorings 16 days out.
Digital assets management system for Department of Justice Victoria.

It's a standard requirement today to securely dispose of any digital equipment that may store data, this includes just about every digital device these days. The devices need to be pulverized into tiny pieces so there is no chance of ever retrieving data.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction, Department of Justice's preferred certified disposal supplier, approached Ideograph to build a system for The Department of Justice to use to minimise paper work and save time for getting quotes and raising purchase orders for disposal of digital assets.

In consultation with the Department, Ideograph built the system to work with their methods and procedures.

Insight into how the procedure was…

Department of Justice has 94 locations across the State of Victoria. When one of these locations needed to dispose of some digital assets they would ring the dedicated department within the head office of Department of Justice and request a quote.

The team member would get a list of digital items eg. Mobile phones, digital cameras, datacards etc. and would ring their supplier 'Secure Hard Drive Destruction' to get a quote. At the same time logging that the location has items to dispose of.

The quote would then be emailed back to the team member at Department of Justice and then emailed back to the original location for approval.

Once approved then the location would notify the team at head office of Department of Justice, they would notify 'Secure Hard Drive Destruction' of the items to be picked up. With that there is also 5 levels of security - depending on the sensitivity of the items and the data.

At the top level of security, the driver picking up the items has to be certified and be the only driver (other words, has to pick up and deliver to point of destruction). A representative of the organisation disposing of the item/s also has to witness the destruction of the item/s.

Internal reference numbers are allocated for all quotes and orders.



Ideograph designed and built a secure portal that alleviated all the double dealing and managed all the processes used on both ends - Department of Justice and Secure Hard Drive Destruction, making whole process fast, simple, user friendly.

Feed back from the Department of Justice is that it is fantastic, saves them untold hours, and the same at suppliers end.

The web app performs the following…

  • Selection of location in Victoria of where the digital assets are
  • Selection of digital assets (the type of digital asset including images) and how many items to be disposed of
  • Security Level required for the disposal of the selected items
  • Required reference numbers
  • Pick up time (surcharge for after hours)
  • Calculates secured container size by; weight, height, width, length of items, keeping in mind that items range from Sim Cards to large format display screens.
  • Calculates the quotation instantly including destruction costs freight and surcharges and sends a copy to each party involved.
  • Once approved, the quotation becomes the work ticket with all the details and correct reference numbers relation to that order.
  • The systems records all the information, so that everyone involved can see quotes, jobs in progress and finished jobs.
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